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A Theatre of Memory

This work is about memory and cities, drawing inspiration from Italo Calvino's short stories Invisible Cities. Metatropolis takes the viewer on a journey through through cities in the mind using ludic immersive technologies, overlaid illustrations, mirrors, and sounds. 


Metatropolis is an ongoing experiment which has been exhibited in London. 

Documented here are the cities of Encontra and Spectopolis. In collaboration with Francine Kliemann of PLATÔ Cultural

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Encontra is a city of many. It is a city which is everywhere, it is arrived at only on the occasions when many people are in the same place; populous places are Encontra. It is a city which exists in the mind as well as between minds. Encontra is given shape by the exchange of some words, and its territory is formed by the relation of false notes and adversarial relations, or good humour and spirit; each exchange paves and re-paves the roads of Encontra.

Encontra wants to be in its best interest a happy city. Its citizens are told that the water flowing in the aqueducts deep beneath the city is of a pure and refreshing quality, and the citizens are filled with pride by this, although no one has ever seen anything other than the animated filth slowly flowing down its rivers and canals. When people speak about Encontra they try to recount it as a happy place of conviviality, however they know deep down that at the heart of Encontra there lies a certain irreverence, even a misanthropic attitude. Encontra’s people know too well the power of their words, they know that the fabric of Encontra is contained between these relations: one wrong word, taken too far, and it all falls apart.

Exhibited at the Royal College of Art in July 2019, 

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Some early models I made to play around with the scenography and design

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