These objects are an exploration of acoustic ecology and how to think through sound. They have been exhibited in Brighton and London. 

Ash - Stanmer Park, Sussex

Made from some Ash I felled in a woodland in East Sussex, this horn containes a woodland soundscape, made from found sounds gathered during the felling and after, wood-working by a camp

Sycamore - University of Brighton

Brighton University felled a sycamore at grand parade to make an extra car parking space. The horn is made from some of its timber. The soundscape explores, death, ending, and also new beginnings, the sounds are found from lectures, the canteen and more. 

Chestnut - Brighton / Lanes 

The Chestnut has been laying in Brighton for almost 30 years, The chestnut has aged, it has absorbed the quintessential sounds, melodies of the gardens, sounds of the sea.  

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Trio people listen.jpeg